Live a healthier lifestyle without changing your lifestyle too much!
QSciences is new to the Australian market, with a strong focus on mental health, gut health, hormones & mood, pain & Inflammation. Something to suit every age (and something we all need right now). 
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Love Your Pain Coaching

We empower our clients to learn about and love their pain before it gets to the irreversible stage by connecting back with their social and/or work-life. We give them the pain relief that works!
We can help our clients relieve them of their chronic pain instead of them trying to find a cure when the pain gets out of control because by then it might just be too late and there may be no cure.

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Primal Alternative

Grain free breads, pizza, cookies, wraps, granola & mixes

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Just Dance Fitness with Martha

Dance Fitness classes for all ages. A group exercise class that incorporates many forms of dance movements. These classes make each individual feel unique but at the same time a part of our community.

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Aviva Method Australia

The AVIVA Method gymnastics provide natural, therapeutical and preventive solutions for various reproductive and fertility issues and in addition, promote general well-being.
For the last 50 years, AVIVA has assisted with female and male infertility, irregular menstruation, cysts, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, urinary incontinence, prostate issues, erectile dysfunction and many other health issues.
The carefully choreographed exercises include both light gymnastic elements as well as dance-like movements. Learning these exercises is fun and no previous athletic experience is required.

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Brickworks Dental

We are a General Dental Practice Located in the Brickworks Marketplace in Torrensville, we have a focus on Digital and Aesthetic Dentistry. We aim to restore teeth to their original function and appearance which therefore result in less sensitivity, root canals and extractions. We also specialize in clear aligners and whitening.

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Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

Leila Pardon

Helping Australians be the healthiest they can be through life-giving biological products like blood, tissue, organs and milk.

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Phoenix Massage and Wellness

Phoenix Massages and Wellness offers relaxation and therapeutic massages along with holistic and specialized massages.

Specialty Massages include:
~ Womb Massage
~ IBS Massage
~ Fertility Massage
These are such beautiful massages, so relaxing. Your body will thank you.
For more information on these and some of the known benefits please check out www.LotusMassages.com.au

Holistic Massages include:
~ Reiki
~ Aromatherapy
Aligning the chakra’s and uplifting our souls, these massages are light and calming. Your soul will thank you.

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Brighton Group Fitness

Outdoor group fitness in a fun, supportive & challenging way! Get FIT, Make Friends & Join a Community of like minded people there for the same purpose!
We are not a bootcamp!
What we do best… Small group personal training, challenging each other & supporting each other!

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Safe EMF Education Network Inc.

The Safe EMF Education Network Inc. (SEEN) is a non-for-profit volunteer-run incorporated association based in Adelaide, South Australia. We are committed to creating a safer environment by promoting public awareness and educating people to make informed choices when using wired and wireless technologies. SEEN provides information on how to reduce your exposure to harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) in public spaces, schools, homes and workplaces when using devices such as mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi, SMART meters, and living close to mobile phone towers and power sources.

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FIT College SA

FIT College registered as an RTO for fitness in 2009 and commenced delivery of fitness course qualifications the same year, aiming to deliver only the best Fitness Courses and Personal Training Courses.

FIT College delivers face to face fitness courses from multiple campuses in Australia and Pacific region, as well as online fitness study courses for students from all over the world. FIT College also offers many courses through our Cloud Campus allowing students from all over the world to enroll and complete further study.

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Young Living Essential Oils

A healthy home for each of us, a healthy world for all of us. We enhance and empower lives around the world by sharing the unique benefits of nature’s living energy–essential oils.

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