Health, Wellness & Fitness Expo – Categories

Health & Diet

Diet and health covers natural wholefoods and organic ranges. Plant Based Diets, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free ideas, healthy beverages and brands.

Retreats and Spa

Head away for a treat and discover the best in retreats and spas to revitalise and stay focused and healthy.

Children’s Health

The latest in children’s health for the body. Clothing, lotions and other day to day essentials for your little ones.

Home & Lifestyle

Health in the home is an important part of our day to day lives. Sustainable living, recycling, cleaning, clothing and garden are all areas that have products and services focused on your fitness and health.

Pet Products & Services

Spoil your pets with natural and organic products. There are an abundance of products to help your pet stay in shape with you. We love our furry friends.

Gym & Equipment

Whether you love the challenge of a gym or prefer at home gym privacy we will have both services to chat with and understand your needs to suit your lifestyle.

Supplements & Vitamins

So many choices and what is best for your body and which age is the best for which one? Come to the expo and chats with the experts on this.

Complementary Medicines

Come and view the trends in alternative medicines. Aromatherapy, Homoeopathic products and Oriental Medicines.

Beauty & Personal Care

Enriched beauty products, vegan makeup and experts in dental care. This category has a lot to share with you.

Education and Learning

Read and learn the current information on the latest findings and visit our free seminars at the expo to increase your health skill set.

Spiritual & Mental Health

Ensure your mind, body and spirit are in a positive mindset to achieve maximum health and happiness.

Elderly Health Care

Service and products to assist the elderly in their day to day lives! Eating and exercising for a healthy routine.

Active Wear

Find the best active wear designed for style, function between sport and everyday wear.