20FIT Australia

The 20FIT heart represents who we are; firstly a training studio that provides a loving touch to personal training with a focus on understanding our clients and being part of their journey to a healthier version of themselves. Secondly it reflects how fast our training is – just 20 minutes.

At 20FIT we believe everyone deserves to live a healthy life, however we know conventional training can lack the ability for people to do that, whether it be injury history, time constraints or simply unfriendly environments. This causes people to feel like being physically healthy is an impossible task, but here at 20FIT our goal is to make the impossible, possible.

When we couple our care, understanding and knowledge with our industry leading EMS technology, we achieve what was previously thought to be impossible for our clients – a healthy life.

We are so confident in our service we offer a trial for two sessions for a small fee of $59. Click below to begin your journey to healthier life.

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20FIT Training is one-on-one Personal Training combined with full body Electro Muscle Stimulation. The workout is only 20-Minutes and equivalent to hours of Strength Endurance training in the gym. This 20-Minute workout is revolutionary to the fitness industry and will blow your mind when it comes to keeping fit!


Normally, if you go to the gym, you’ll train one muscle group at a time and over the week you will spend hours to get a full-body workout. With 20FIT training you’ll train 90% of muscles simultaneously for the entire period of 20-Minutes! Whilst your muscles are Electronically Stimulated your Personal Trainers will guide you through static and dynamic movements to target different muscle groups. For example, bicep curl, lunge or squat.


  • Strengthen Core
  • Reduce Back Pain
  • Post Natal
  • Body Sculpting
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Muscle Re-education
  • Sports Performance
  • Low Impact


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