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Our Story

As the longest running protein powder company in Australia, here at Boomers we know a thing or two about protein, and what we do know is it is important to Keep it simple.

This is why all of our products are unflavoured and as close to their natural state as possible. This has been our mantra and our mission, since Boomers was started over 20 years ago!

Craig & Julie delivering Boomers products to one of our stockists in Kalgoorlie with a personal touch!

Boomers is a family run business, its founder Neil started out with just one customer…himself. Neil was a competitive power lifter and along with his coach, decided he wanted protein supplementation for his diet. The protein powder available in the market was not what he wanted, so Neil sourced his own product for his use. From there friends asked about what he was taking and he offered it to them as well. This has continued and Boomers is now a full time business and a leading authority on pure protein powders of the highest quality; maintaining the protein products as close as possible to their natural state.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of products come and go, but we’ve never had to change a thing with our products. We don’t feel the need to be constantly trying to re-invent the wheel – simply because we know it works!

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How do we know it works?

Because many people who are serious about their health have found their way to us and have become loyal customers. Boomers products are specifically recommended by several Health Professionals including Dietitians, Nutritionists, Bariatric Surgeons and Naturopaths.

Boomers is now run by Neil’s son, Craig and his wife Julie. Their youngest son Jack is also a fantastic asset at Boomers. Jack is a CrossFit coach, has a degree in Marketing and is a qualified nutritionist. Craig and Julie ‘took over the reins’ when Neil retired and this ensured that the mission of Boomers and its trustworthy products and loyal customers remained intact. Both Craig and Julie are health professionals themselves, Craig being a Registered Nurse and Julie a Physio and GCP Health Researcher. ‘Keeping it in the family’ means that you can be assured Boomers will continue to do all it can to provide the highest quality protein supplementation for your health and fitness needs at an affordable price.

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