Cacao Collective

CC’s cacao is ACO is certified organic, GMO-free, heavy metal-free, vegan, paleo, gluten-free and is one of the most nutrient-rich plants on earth.

Ceremonial cacao is an ancient traditional plant medicine that is said to connect us to the divine and open our hearts.

We like to think of ourselves as both the Alchemist and the scientist – merging the ancient ritual, ceremonial and spiritual components of cacao with the scientific research and discoveries of modern times.

We hope you enjoy this cacao as much as we do.

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All Cacao products have been sourced through a supplier that has been certified organic by ACO and Kosher.

Our supplier has also implemented a strict quality assurance program where the entire supply chain can be traced, from the growers to the final consumer.


Cacao Collective’s products have been consciously sourced so that we can support biodiversity, promote sustainable cacao farming to ensure that the farmers and the land is looked after.


Fair trade conditions translate into affordable prices for the consumer, whilst making sure that the farmer’s work is fairly remunerated. This promotes favourable social conditions and sustainability for farming communities of Peru.

A portion of consumer purchase funds goes directly back to the farmers & communities, as well as Cacao Collective’s commitment to making donations to support the very communities who harvest the cacao pods.

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