Fat Burners Only

Our Story

Fat Burners Only was founded in 2013 by Fiona and Paul. At the time, the duo owned three health food stores in Perth and had been in the health and fitness industry for five years. Paul had built a highly knowledgeable team in the local stores that were getting great results for the community in Perth.

When Fat Burners Only launched in mid-2013, almost 30% of the adult population in Australia was obese, and a huge 63.4% of the adult population was considered to be overweight or obese.

Fat Burners Only was established due based on a genuine intention to help people with their weight loss journeys. Apart from the serious problems, diseases and conditions linked to weight loss, some of the biggest problems customers faced at the time, whether their goal was weight-loss or simply fitness, was in the simple day to day tasks they struggle with such as: having the energy to play with their children, waking up feeling rested and refreshed, being able to move and exercise without pain.

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Fat Burners Only helps people to achieve their weight-loss and/or fitness goals in addition to overcoming these problems. Our team is made up of the most incredibly caring, honest and reliable people and we all work together to educate our customers and help them work towards their goals in a healthy manner.

Our Purposes in Fat Burners Only

In short, Our Purpose in Fat Burners Only is to:

  • Help people live better and healthier lives.
  • Create an incredible customer-oriented online experience.
  • Positively impact our community at large.

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