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At RedPoint we want to be more than ok. We aim for higher than most settle for, and good enough…isn’t. Ordinary doesn’t suit us and we rage against mediocrity in all its forms.

We believe in the extraordinary.
We strive to live extraordinary lives by taking extraordinary measures in the relentless pursuit to get more out of ourselves so we can get more out of life.

We know that the body is the mind and the mind is the body and optimize our performance by building both physical and mental capacity.

Our holistic system forges the body into a powerful tool and hones the mind to cut through complexity. We work to build a system that can meet and  overcome any challenge you encounter while you make and live your extraordinary.

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Redpointing is a rock climbing term. When a climber redpoints a route, it’s a holistic endeavour. They find the start and the end, painstakingly find each move in between and begin to ‘work the problem’.

This involves finding the right balance between power and endurance, speed and security and overcoming the difference between perception and reality.

This process takes time, effort and numerous failures. Success could be days, weeks, months or even years in the making.

The climber may not have what the climb needs.
They will have to go away and make themselves into something more; someone more suitable for the task. They work the physical and the mental moves until they can be executed flawlessly and send the route.

We believe Redpointing is about more than just climbing. Redpointing is how we meet the complex challenges the world presents.
We RedPoint life.

Monika Georgieva

I have sought out and been forged by my experiences – particularly those that brought me to my knees – from years of leading diverse teams in the Royal Australian Infantry to multiple attempts at Special Forces Commando and SASR Selection and playing for keeps in rock climbing, canyoning and mountaineering.

I strive to live an extraordinary life and know that the mind is the body, and the body is the mind; you must develop and optimise both if you want to be a high performer that operates at the extraordinary level!

High performing individuals overcome setbacks, they adapt, they endure, and they achieve. They live their extraordinary.

I am passionate about high performers and I go to extraordinary lengths and take extraordinary measures to support you to live your extraordinary.

Wes Walsh

Unlike most of us, Wes never stopped playing outside. As he has grown bigger and bolder, so have his adventures. He has travelled much of Australia and the world testing, finding and redefining his limits in the relentless pursuit of adventure excellence through rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, trail running, white water rafting, mountain biking, caving and canyoning.

He has spent the last decade leading teams to the edge of their capacity in truly demanding environments and brought them back stronger, smarter and more capable of thriving through the adversities of the complex world we play in.

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