The Pole Room

“Resilience – Turning Shit storms into Business Success”

“From Gypsy to Entrepreneur”
Jasmine lives and breathes empowerment. Everyday she has hundreds of students walk through the doors of her business, The Pole Room. Her goal is to introduce people to the best version of themselves, albeit through a more non-conventional method. As a teenager Jasmine battled an eating disorder which heavily impacted her self esteem. Upon finishing high school she was looking for that ‘thing’ that was going to help her love herself again. That’s when she found Pole Dancing and it was love at first touch. 13 years later and she’s still hooked. Pole Dancing became her meditation, she felt strong, powerful and embodied in her femininity. In 2015 she opened The Pole Room with a burning desire to introduce fun exercise to her community.

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    • Melbourne Convention & Exhibition CentreSession 2 at 11.30 – 12.00noon • August 7th 2022
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