Sarah Rusbatch – SLR Wellness

Sarah is a qualified Health and Wellness Coach and Perth’s first accredited “Grey Area Drinking” coach. 
Sarah is passionate about sharing her journey to sobriety and speaking out about the fact that sobriety doesn’t mean boring. She has helped hundreds of women change their relationship with alcohol and has trained with Jolene Park in the USA who originally coined the term ‘grey area drinking’. Sarah’s own sobriety journey began in 2017 when she noticed the link between her drinking with anxiety, mental health, insomnia, energy and general happiness and wellbeing. She removed alcohol from her life completely 2 years and ago and found so much unexpected joy and happiness in choosing to live alcohol free. 
Sarah now runs a global community of over 3500 women, speaks globally at events and runs a meet up group in Perth – “Perth Sober Socials” which is a monthly meet up group for women to meet and socialise without alcohol. Sarah is also a sobriety coach and works with client 1:1 to change their relationship with alcohol. 
Sarah’s message is that you don’t have to hit rock bottom to stop drinking. You don’t have to give yourself the label ‘alcoholic’ to want to change your relationship with alcohol. And sobriety most definitely is not boring!
Come and watch Sarah’s talk on the main stage at 12.30pm –  “From Pissed to Purpose – one woman’s journey to sobriety and her passion to share the joy” – FREE Seminar at Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre!

Session 3 at 12.30 – 1.15pm

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